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"Be a sparkle and follow your passions…the rewards are endless."

I’m Magdalena, and I would describe myself as both, an energetic extrovert, and creative introvert.My curiosity and zest for life is what drives me to connect with others, be a lifelong learner, and be forever grateful for all the opportunities I have had come my way.


Formerly an Interior Designer, stay at home mom, and Grade 3 elementary school teacher, I can honestly say that photography has always been part of my training and a passion in my life.  


My love for noticing details and using my trained eye in design, allows me to capture compelling compositions that tell a story, and is what excites me when I shoot travel, landscape, street and portrait photography. 


My first love was travel photography, capturing people, street action and developing relationships with the locals, getting to know their stories and capturing their personalities. Portrait photography soon developed after that, both in the studio and outside.  


A proud Canadian, living in Alberta, who spends lots of time in the mountains, with my family, my involvement with some incredible photography groups, has helped me discover a love for nature and landscape photography. 


I’m forever taking photography workshops, courses, learning and studying from other professional photographers that I love and respect.  My goals are endless and all have to do with the creative processes in photography. 


In my free time, I take every opportunity to live life to the fullest, engage in creativity and foster connections with all the people and loves in my life. 


If you want to chat about a commissioned portrait session or maybe you’re interested in purchasing one of my images, send me a note, and we can connect. 



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